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Bikini Competition Prep:My “Diet”

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, please consult a professional for advice and direction.

**Long Post** If you want to get right to my current eating skip down to paragraph 4

Ok so first let me tell you I hate the word “diet” mainly because people hear diet and think of restrictions on what you can eat or not eat.  And second because I do not consider myself to be on a diet rather more of a healthy eating lifestyle. 

Everyone starts somewhere, if we all had perfect physiques based on what we ate then we’d never google or pick up a book that read DIET.  My first start at dieting was trying my own version of Atkins… by my own version I mean skimming some materials and trying it out. I was 150lbs and lost 20lbs in 3 months! Looking back I don’t even want to know how I wrecked my body eating so much fat etc.  I continued till for 3 more months and got down to 125lbs. Yes it took me another 3 months to lose 5 lbs. So now I realize and what I tell my friends now… if Atkins (low carb) or any other fad diet really worked it would continue to work but it doesn’t! 

It took me another 2 years of gaining the weight back and figuring out a better option.  I then came across Super Foods and the Drop 10 Diet book (read my post on that here) and I learned about eating super foods, fiber, and not under eating!! I went from eating 1200 calories to 1600 calories and leaned out. This was in 2014 (Check out my progress from then). I also started lifting at that time which also helped me get a hint of abs and leaning out.  If that works for you and you don’t like the whole tracking system (macros) this is definitely a good start.  The book gives you lots of ideas on meals and snacks (3 meals, 2 snacks & a bonus treat). 

And now in 2017, I am on macros… in 2016 I had ‘macro numbers’ I was following but I wasn’t doing it correctly. I thought by cutting carbs I was doing myself a favor but I really wasn’t. By going under on my carbs and not really tracking “FAT” I was really not following Macros correctly. 

Come April 2017 I found Avatar Nutrition $10/mo (click link to read more) and I couldn’t be happier.  As I want to do my first fitness bikini competition this Fall (Oct 2017) this came into my life at the right time. I don’t think I was ready for macros back in 2014 but I definitely I am now.

For the last 2 years my husband has meal prepared our lunches, he has measured them out carefully and I made my own breakfast every day; measuring all of that out as well.  So I was already tracking for the most part, adding a stable “macro” number for each of the Marcos (Protein, Carbs, & Fat) has launched my fat loss incredibly!   I am currently eating about 1950 calories and I am on the Lean Mass Gain setting.

  The funny thing as I have been increasing my calories from 1400 to 1950 in the last two months I have actually been losing fat!!  I went from 127lbs 23% to 125lbs 22%, so eating more isn’t going to make you fat, it is the MACROnutrients that really matter. Your body needs CARBS do not be afraid of carbs. I was afraid but look at my results.  I am so happy to have come across not only Macros but also IIFYM (if it fits your macros) so yes you can have a cookie, pie, cake, or whatever else as long if it fits your macros. This may sound too good to be true but I have lost weight eating more, and having animal cookies (they’re low in fat) almost every day. 

My current macros are: Calories 1850, Protein 127g, Fat 50g, Carbs 213g and a min of 25g of Fiber.

Here’s my latest photo

Watch 17 weeks out Day 2 Bikini Prep on YouTube

Watch my Vlog on my first week of cutting

3 Keys To Dialing In Your Macronutrient Ratios

Building? Maintaining? Looking to lose some fat? What you eat is as important as how you work out. Craft your macronutrient ratio with these tips!

Source: 3 Keys To Dialing In Your Macronutrient Ratios

Bikini Competition Prep: Workouts

This is an outline of how I plan to do my workouts for the next 17 weeks, prior to today I have been doing heavy weights and no cardio.

Below are some guidelines on the number of reps depending on your goal:

  •  1-5 reps = Strength
  • 6-12 reps = Hypertrophy
  •  12+ reps = Endurance

Week 17- Week 15: I will begin cutting by adding 2 HIIT cardio circuts to my 5 workouts (Day 1: Push Heavy, Day 2: Pull Heavy, Day 3: Legs Heavy, Day 4: Back/ chest/ biceps/ triceps HR, Day 5: Legs/ shoulders HR)

Week 14 – Week 12: I will add an addition day of cardio making it a total of 3 HIIT cardio sessions and I will keep my lifting days the same (Day 1: Push Heavy, Day 2: Pull Heavy, Day 3: Legs Heavy, Day 4: Back/ chest/ biceps/ triceps HR, Day 5: Legs/ shoulders HR)

Week 11 – Week 9: I will add 1 more day of cardio making it a total of 4 HIIT cardio sessions and I will add another day of lifting from 5 to 6 days (Day 1: Push Heavy, Day 2: Pull HR Day 3: Legs Heavy, Day 4: Push HR, Day 5: Pull Heavy, Day 6: Legs HR)

Week 8 – Week 6: I will add addition day of cardio making it a total of 5 HIIT cardio sessions and I will add one more day of lifting from 5 to 6 days (Day 1: Push Heavy, Day 2: Pull HR Day 3: Legs Heavy, Day 4: Push HR, Day 5: Pull Heavy, Day 6: Legs HR)

Week 5 – Week 1 Depending on my progress I will either keep my cardio at 4-5 HIIT sessions (20-30mins) or add a 6th day and my lifting will be as follows (Day 1: Full body 6-10 rep ranges -heavier weight day; Day 2: Back and plyo 15-20; Day 3: Hamstrings, shoulders, abs 12-20 rep ranges; Day 4: Chest, biceps, triceps 12-20 rep ranges; Day 5: Plyo/agility day/ core; Day 6: Legs and booty 12-20; Day 7- OFF)

 I may do some tweaks here and there depending on how my body is responding and feeling to the cut (leaning out). My goal is to drop 10-12% of my body fat, right now I’m at 23% and I want to get down to about 11% that is losing 17lbs of body fat.

In addition to adding cardio I will also be cutting calories to help in my “cut” phase.  I will be using Avatar Nutrition ($10/mo) to have my macros adjusted.  I may share the macros in future post but please remember that these are custom tailored to me by my age, height, weight and body fat. How I respond to them and how they are changed are uniquely made for me.  There are some free calorie and macro formulas and I will post some links in future posts, keep an eye out.

Thanks for reading! Have a question or comment? 

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18 weeks out Vlog Bikini Prep

Here’s my Vlog and a lil twist to my previous annoucement

Affordable Bikini fitness competition prep

In looking for an affordable way to do a bikini prep I found the following website.  She also offers online coaching at a good rate.

The ebook is $40 & it details everything you need to know about prepping for your first competition.  It covers workouts,  cutting calories, a check list etc. It alao includes links to exercise banks (on her website) and meal ideas.  

I will give a more detailed review once i read it all. For now I will start the workouts on it. 

Feeling flabby

So I’m technically 18 weeks out till my first bikini competition…. feels surreal to write that. It’s Monday and I just don’t feel like anything not to mention my shoulder feels achy.  Today I’m working on Shoulders and working on gaining some mass.

My coach is allowing me to pay per session to make it more affordable to me.  I’m doing my own nutrition through Avatar and its going well. Right now I’m on lean mass muscle gain.  I’m not sure if mu coacj isn’t as fully engaged with me since I’m paying per session vs a 16wk all inclusive program.

Today I’m truly lacking motivation but I have been looking at bikinis. I found a local company that sells competition bikinis at a reasonable price. Basic competitions for $69 and a little bling for $99 Then they go up from there.
Below is one I’m considering and then blinging it out myself. I also watched DIY bikini bling.

19 weeks Out – Bikini Prep

Ok so I don’t know anything about bikini prep well not that I don’t’ know anything I’m just not an expert by any means. I know about working out and working on getting lean but no actual bikini prep etc experience. 

 First thing to know if you are thinking about a bikini competition there are lots of different federations. I decided to go with the Naturally Fit Federation and the show is Oct. 14, 2017.  Second it costs quite a bit of money to do a competition from coaching fees, the cost of the bikini, to the cost of entering the competition.  I will be working on keeping all my costs low and I will be working on raising money for my competition by cleaning out my closet and selling unused items.


Now to how I feel about all this, well I am a mix of all emotions! I am excited, nervous, scared everything! … mainly I wonder if I am ready for this, do I have time for this? I am still in my PhD program and it worries me that I am taking on too much.  I am the person that just doesn’t know how to have a lull in life… did I mention that I am also married, have a 20 month old and I am also raising my 12 year old niece. I have a lot on my plate so I am worried about how successful I will be at everything. 

Fortunately I have a very supportive husband and I know that if I want to do this he will support me 200% and help me reach my goals.


How I’m training right now: I’m on a lean muscle bulk and I’m following Avatar for my macros.  For now I am doing my own workout routine (following Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer). Since I need to work on my upper body I am doing 3 days upper body and 2 days lower body.  This week I will be meeting with my coach to get my 1 Rep Max numbers. In about 3 weeks I will be getting a 4 week program from my coach. I am paying per session versus for a whole prep package to save on costs.

I will do my best to do weekly post to keep you all updated.


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In picture below I’m standing with a Bikini Pro and owner of



DNF: Did not finish

This weekend was the first race I started but did not finish.  

My husband and I attempted the Spartan Super in Austin this wkend.  I’m proud of my husband for completing 8+ miles and 25+ obstacles.  That race was no joke,  definitely doable, my inability to finish was not the race itself but my failure to hydrate properly the night before and the day of the race. 

Unfortunately i suffered heat exhaustion at mile 6 and was not able to finish it. This weekend i definitely question myself and ability to continue on my other goals.  It really messed up my mind in feeling like curling into a ball and just giving up this fitness part of my life.  Thankfully I have strong and loving people to help me forward during this time. Reminding me that this is NOT a failure, only a DNF and learning lesson on what to do better next time.

Even the greatest have fell only to become stronger.  I will conquer the Spartan one day!  So do not let your failures define you,  fight hard to come back! 
Now on to my new goal… to be announced. 

This was before the race

After the race

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