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DNF: Did not finish

This weekend was the first race I started but did not finish.  

My husband and I attempted the Spartan Super in Austin this wkend.  I’m proud of my husband for completing 8+ miles and 25+ obstacles.  That race was no joke,  definitely doable, my inability to finish was not the race itself but my failure to hydrate properly the night before and the day of the race. 

Unfortunately i suffered heat exhaustion at mile 6 and was not able to finish it. This weekend i definitely question myself and ability to continue on my other goals.  It really messed up my mind in feeling like curling into a ball and just giving up this fitness part of my life.  Thankfully I have strong and loving people to help me forward during this time. Reminding me that this is NOT a failure, only a DNF and learning lesson on what to do better next time.

Even the greatest have fell only to become stronger.  I will conquer the Spartan one day!  So do not let your failures define you,  fight hard to come back! 
Now on to my new goal… to be announced. 

This was before the race

After the race

Throw Back Thursday

Its #throwbackthursday #tbt

With a lil #transformation #motivation 

In 2011 I didn’t realize how much weight I was gaining and how big I was getting.  I’m 5’1 & in 2011 I was about 155lbs, a size 10 and really in denial. I had always been “small,”  didn’t watch what I ate and the weight slowly crept on me.  So, i started running, cutting calories in 2012 and began my fitness journey. 

I have transformed myself every year by adding to my knowledge bank on work outs and nutrition.  From running, counting calories,  half marathon training to weight lifting, eating super foods and focusing on macros to having my first baby and gaining/losing 55lbs!! 

Now I am 19 mos postpartum and back down to PreBaby weight and clothes.  This wasn’t easy but nothing in life worth having comes easy.

Wacky Wednesday 

This week is a short week for us at work and its actually a rest day but I really want to work out!! We got a new Woss Suspension Trainer and I love it. Bought it from Walmart for $24.99 & free shipping!  I’m anxious to do a full work out with it. 

My husband also got us a new barbell its rated at 700lbs. It definitely feels heavier than the other one.  

Below is also my results from the 250kchallenge by 12 weeks. I really pushed it my last 4 weeks and stuck to my low carb eating. 

My weight as of today is now 127lbs and 23% body fat!!

So make a plan and stick with it.

Monday Motivation 

Motivation Monday 

Here are some of my progress pictures: 

  1. 2013 training for my first half, running 5 days a week 4+ miles & eating ~1200 calories
  2. 2014 I began eating Superfoods and weight lifting, eating ~1600 calories 
  3. 2017 post baby, meeting my macros Carbs 140g, Protein 100g+ & Fiber 34g weight lifting & running 

Eating less and not looking at what you’re eating isn’t going to get you where you want to be. I wanted a tone/lean body and eating less junk wasn’t going to give my body the nutrients it needs to build muscle.  

We are literally what we eat!
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March 2017 Goals

First I’ll reflect back on Jan and Feb… for Jan I was active almost every day except two days. I’m proud of that.

For Feb I was active about 4 days a week and ran about 10miles min each week.

For this month I want to focus on both strength training and my food intake.  For most of Feb i played around with low/high carb days and have seem some great results.

March Goals:

  • Run > 10 miles a week
  • Strength train 2x a week 
  • Do hanging leg raises 4x a week 

Here’s a progress photo, from 7 days postpartum until now.

Jan 2017 Goals

For this month I want to be active everyday.  It can be from hard cardio, weight lifting, to stretching and yoga.  

Goal: 31 days of activity

Since I’m taking a month off of running i will be filling it in with so many different things.

RnRSA 12/4 Soreness vs Pain

It has been a week now since I’ve completed my 5th Half marathon.  The conditions for this run were pretty terrible.

It started off not too bad with light rain and 50 degree weather. An hr in, and it poured rained so bad, I just wanted it to end lol.  I didn’t PR and to make it worse I hurt my hip.  At the  end of my run I could barely walk.  I stepped in a pothole and didn’t feel the pain until the end.

My left SI JOINT or ligament are messed up. today a week later  (after two treatments with the Chiropractor) I tried running . .. more like jogging as i moved so slow lol. it didn’t hurt but it didn’t feel right . 

I can do the upright bike which I did about 25 mins. Tomorrow I will be trying for an hr.  I hope i can be running soon and doing my full as planned in Jan.

We shall see.

Remember if it’s painful something is wrong don’t ignore it! 

Fell for the first time…

It has been awhile since I’ve blogged.  i have switched gears from weight training to running. I’m training for my first full marathon.

Today i fell, everything was going great until i decided to adjust my sweater that was around my waist since i was warmed up. As i did that in mile 5.5 i tripped over an uneven edge on the running trail. I didn’t even see it coming i barely caught myself and busted my lips.

I was so sad i had to stop. My goal was 16miles…  i had to get back to my car so I walked back after a mile i tried to jog and felt good to jog.  I jogged 2.5 miles for a total of 9.12 miles.

So if you ever fall, listen to your body and don’t worry about the mileage. I was sad but things happen, so I need to learn from this and get stronger. 

Sept 2016 Monthly Goals, August in Review

Ok sooo let’s see how I did in August in meeting my goals

Here are my August 2016 Goals

Running goal:  Run 3-4x a week  ✅ I did pretty good with this one
Strength training goal:  ✅👊💪2x a week  Definitely hit this one!
Cross train:  2x a week 😒  Could do better, I need to add some yoga on my “rest” days
Fat loss goal:  🙄Reduce my body fat by 2%   I lost about 1% but body fat is pretty trickly to track short term as water intake can affect it. I’m trying to find a consistent way to track this.
Nutrition goals:
Protein: 100g daily  👊✅hit this most days
Fiber:  34g daily  👊👊✅definitely staying on track on this one
Daily goals:  Say at least 2 positive affirmations  😠😒 Totally forgot about this goal!!!

Here are my Sept 2016 Goals

Running goal:  Run 3-4x a week
Strength training goal:  2x a week
Cross train:  2x a week  such as Yoga
Fat loss goal:  Reduce my body fat by 2%
Nutrition goals:
Protein: 100g daily
Fiber:  34g daily
Daily goals:  Say at least 2 positive affirmations

3 month goals (August to Nov 2016)

  • Fit into size 2 pants
  • Reduce body fat from 27.4% to 24%
  • Increase weekly mileage

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