2013 was one of my most active years in a while. I decided to get back in shape and start running.  I also started going to a Zumba class 2 days a week. Its hard to imagine that running just one mile was such a chore then.

In the year 2013, I ran:

Jan     My first  5k color run with my friends and niece.
March      I completed two 5ks one in Austin the Electric Run and one in Houston the Rave Run (my niece ran that one too)
May      We (my niece, my boyfriend & I) ran the Family Fitness Challenge 5k it was my boyfriend’s first 5k
In the middle of the spring me and a few of my close friends decided to try running a half marathon together in November.  I was both anxious and excited.  So my running training kicked up to 4 days a week and I stopped going to Zumba.

Nov    I completed my first Half Marathon!  The San Antonio Rock & Roll Half & Full Marathon.  If you haven’t ever done it, the hills are killer. I didn’t do any real hill training and it definitely killed me. I ran it at 2:33 just 3mins slower than I wanted

I was so hyped we did the Mustache Dache 5k the next week

Dec     My first mud run the Dirty Girl Mud Run … it was 32° I nearly froze my tush and actually lost my shoe to the mud. Note to self tape my shoes next time

Now its 2014 time I had/have big plans. I semi- wanted to do a Full Marathon but plans have changed.  Since I was in a car accident that hurt my lower back I haven’t been able to run quite yet (as of Feb 2014). I have been walking,  about 3 miles at a 15min pace. While its not the same as running 6miles in an hour  I feel that it is keeping me in shape and really toning me up. 2014 I look forward to another year of running. I will do a 2nd Half Marathon…with my bf (hopefully)  haven’t decided where but it will definitely be in the fall.