Every week Fitbit sends me a weekly summary which I find helpful for many reasons.

It tells me where I’m up and where I’m down. It gives me a deficit on my calories which was -1828 this week; meaning I’d lose half a pound though it shows a weight change of about -0.3 which is close. It really keeps me on track and pushes me to do more the next week. It also helps me see the whole picture and understand why my weight loss is slower at times.

As you can see below for the first time I’m number 2 in the rankings against my Fitbit friends! This has motivated me over the last week to do more and more steps to get my #1 stop back. This equals more motivation and more calories burned

If you have been debating getting a Fitbit I would say it is worth the investment.  You will not regret it, if you love technology this is one of the best fitness tool.


Do you have a Fitbit?  What is your favorite feature? What could make it better?