I like taking pictures of my foods/recipes from the Drop 10 Diet but I don’t like making a billion blog post about what I eat. If you’re interested in seeing some recipes follow my instagram NoSanchez4


When I post I’ll put the Marcos: Calories,  carbs,  fat, Protein,  & fiber.

This morning I didn’t feel like having breakfast or making anything.  I was going to make a smoothie but the blender needed to be washed so I search through the Drop 10 Diet book and found a Almond Butter Muffin recipe. The recipe called for an English Muffin but I switched it out for 2 Sara Lee Delight 45 (90) calorie bread slices.

I’m getting use to eating Almond Butter it taste fine but its a lil gritty. But I’m all for low carb high protein foods đŸ™‚

Have a happy hump day!