Wow, Week 4 already? Time flies! Yesterday we completed Day 22 (the first day of week 4) Leg Day. I have to say we all pushed to do more weight.

After the weight training I did my Interval training for my running 6x400m fast with 3min slow runs in between.  They were tough and the humidity sucks. I did notice that “fast” interval times are getting faster. Last week the fastesr interval was 7:48mins/mile and yesterday it was 6:39mins/mile. 

This week will be the same as last week 5 days, 2 Leg Workouts, a Chest & Tricep day, Bicep & Back Day and ending with a Shoulder and Ab workout.  I’m excited for this week but a little intimidated by next week.

Week 6 starts with a Back Day that includes pull ups! Lets see if i can even do one by then.  I’ll probably use an assitive band till I’m able to do it on my own

Let’s conquer another week!