2,015 in 2015, are you up for the Challenge?

Today I signed up for the Run 2,015 in 2015, yes 2,015 miles in 365 days. That is about 5-6 miles a day! That would be about the equivalent of 77 marathons in one year.

Looking for a New Years resolution or get back to running? Sign up with a friend or two and split the mileage.  You can sign up to get a medal and tech tee. Below is some information on the virtual race.


Run the Edge presents the Run 2,015 in 2015 challenge! They have created a Virtual Race that will motivate you, track your progress, give you a chance to win great prizes every month, give you a community of like minded runners to encourage and celebrate, and most importantly keep you running/walking as you cover 2,015 miles in a single year!

There are three ways to take the challenge:
You can choose to Fly Solo and do the challenge by yourself.
You can choose to Partner up and do it with a friend.
You can choose to do it in a team of 3.

Click here to sign up

On my New Years day run I will be using this bib for my 2,015 in 2015 virtual race challenge


Have you decided on your 2015 fitness goals? Share your 2015 goals with me, comment below.

2 thoughts on “2,015 in 2015, are you up for the Challenge?

    1. Yes after thinking about some more, I thought to myself… what did I get myself into? But then again it wouldn’t be a challenge otherwise lol. I’m going to try to get as many miles early in the year to get a head start on it. Thats my strategy at least for now.

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