Who loves working out… no one raises their hand lol … who loves how they feel after an awesome workout? After you fit into your “skinny” jeans? After you finish a race? When someone notices?

Yes that is when you love it.  Yes I like working out, running, lifting, etc but do I rush to workout …. No! There’s so many other things I rather do.  But i want to be the best ME.

Everyone is busy but everyone has time.  I’ve said it before I make no excuses, and I am plenty busy. I work full time, I exclusively breast feed my son (6.5mos) and attend school part time (2 days a week and I have an hr commute each way).  And I still have time to workout.

Tell me how I have time??? I turn off the TV, I include my lil ones in my fitness, my husband supports my goals and most of all I want the best me. 

You have to WANT it more than anything.  If you don’t WANT it don’t even bother… no product, no workout, no meme is going to get you there. So ask yourself do you WANT it? Then you’re ready…if not reevaluate your goals and find out what you really want.

Happy Monday!