I am now 11 months postpartum and how fast did these months fly by. It feels like just yesterday I was in labor, both excited and nervous to have my lil man.

It has not been an easy transformation but is it ever?  

I started working out 6 weeks after having our lil dragon.  I started off slow with the Jamie Eason Post Pregnancy Trainer then moved on to more intense workouts.   At 6months postpartum I was disappointed with my results.  I really wasn’t eating clean and pretty much eating whatever.  

In April I made the decision that I needed to stop allowing myself to use breastfeeding as an excuse for eating whatever.   So i started eating healthier and continued with my workouts. 

And yes! I finally saw the results I was hoping for, so what you eat is more important than your workouts.   Changing your eating is hard so start small.

Below are my comparisons from April to Sept, 6mos postpartum to 11mos postpartum. I wish i had had enough guts to do a before at 1 week postpartum. I guess i didn’t really think about it.

Pregnancy weight 176lbs 

11mos postpartum 129lbs