So I’m technically 18 weeks out till my first bikini competition…. feels surreal to write that. It’s Monday and I just don’t feel like anything not to mention my shoulder feels achy.  Today I’m working on Shoulders and working on gaining some mass.

My coach is allowing me to pay per session to make it more affordable to me.  I’m doing my own nutrition through Avatar and its going well. Right now I’m on lean mass muscle gain.  I’m not sure if mu coacj isn’t as fully engaged with me since I’m paying per session vs a 16wk all inclusive program.

Today I’m truly lacking motivation but I have been looking at bikinis. I found a local company that sells competition bikinis at a reasonable price. Basic competitions for $69 and a little bling for $99 Then they go up from there.
Below is one I’m considering and then blinging it out myself. I also watched DIY bikini bling.