Photos… don’t say the full story

When taking photos, most days I’m surprised I look learner than I feel lately. Sometimes I feel fat in a photo even when I know I am not. During Easter weekend, we spent time with family and of course there was some candid photos. I was really surprised how “small” I looked. I really felt like I had put on some weight these last few months, post show lately. My weight has been all over the place these last few weeks.

So while I am feeling good about my pics I want to remind you all of those denial pics! Those “bad angle” pictures. Don’t brush them off and let yourself be in denial of weight gain either.

It’s easy to do and years go by and your 10lb gain has gone from that to 30lbs. Before being pregnant in 2012 was my biggest. I was fitting into a size 10. I was really in denial and just wasn’t believing it.

I was depressed and in an unhappy relationship. I also didn’t acknowledge how unhappy I was. I was still active and tried to eat healthy but my heart just wasn’t happy.  The relationship ended and in 2013 I got myself back together. I’ve been kicking ass since then. I went from 150 to 120 with healthy eating and working out (see old posts) then got pregnant in 2015. I really let myself eat whatever I wanted and got up to 176!!! Whoa! A week after the baby I was 155lbs. I thought ok this shouldn’t be to hard i know what to do. Working out doesn’t help you lose weight!!!!  It’s all about nutrition.

Eating right does, no matter how much you run, work out etc what really matters is what you put in your mouth. 6 months postpartum and I had only really lost about another 10lbs.  I had to change my eating.  Then in 2017 I found Avatar Nutrition and did a 16 week fat loss and got down to my smallest since my freshman yr in HS! I got down to 112lbs & about 16% body fat.

Now I’m about 123-125 and about 22% bf. I’m really trying to bring down my body fat to be leaner for the summer but we’ll see.

So look at a picture of yourself and try to be objective. Not too harsh but honest with yourself.  Are you happy? If not, ask yourself what is making you unhappy? what do YOU need to do to bring happiness back into your life?

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  1. Hey! You’ve done a great job on your fitness. I remember when I first started my blog in 2014 and you left me a comment. Seeing your page after all of these years is very encouraging. Keep up the great work! If you have any tid bits of advice for someone that feels like they’re just starting out again, please let me know. I have been so on and off the fitness wagon so many times in the past 4 years, that I definitely need some advice in this area. Thank you and take care!

  2. NoSanchez says:

    Wow time flies!!! I’ll definitely write a post on that.

    And you got this! Fitness, health etc are a journey. Like life we have set backs and what matters most is that your happy and healthy.

    Lots to learn on what works best for you.

    I’m also going to write on that since doctors don’t know everything and really nothing on nutrition and how it can affect you personally.

    1. Thanks for your response. Yes, I definitely see that it’s a journey, and I just gotta keep going! 😊💪🏽👏🏽

  3. nice blog post! the content is very useful. thank you for sharing this important message here. Keep posting such kind of blogs in the future.

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