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“I’m not qualified” “I’m not smart enough.” “I’m not good enough to get A, B or C” 

You are smart, your are qualified and you are good enough! 

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

4-Week Coaching Program 

Program start date: November 19th 

Length: 4 weeks (Coaching calls on Nov19, Nov 26, Dec 3 & Dec 10 | 8:30pm CST)

Topics Include: Overcome Self – sabotage | Try it – even without knowing the outcome | Take Action – Create your own luck |Go for the Job – then learn the skills |

Weekly activities and 1-hour weekly group coaching calls

Sign up by November 10, 2019 and get the reduced rate of $50 (a $400 value). That’s less than $15 per session! Invest in yourself today.

$25 reserves your spot today!   Venmo @Norma-Reyes-28 or Paypal


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