Busy Weeks & Work outs

This week was extremely busy for me, on top of work – i had a 2 day training that took me from my regular work and my kids had their own activities too. (Basketball practice for the 4yo., my new coaching business’s first group coaching call, a networking event for HWNT and a unscheduled Volleyball clinic for my 15 year old)

I ran two days this week and was suppose to have a run on Thursday, which I was planning to push back to Friday.  That didn’t happen, I woke up with no voice, I had been battling, post nasal drip allergies with a mild cough.  I didn’t think anything of it.  Then bam no voice.  That pushed my Friday – speaking engagement for a undergraduate psychology class to Monday.

I was hoping I’d run today but I could barely wake up this morning at 9am at the beckoning of my 4 year old.  I took a shower, which helped me feel way better.  I decided food and rest was going to be the plan for today. And some writing.  Tomorrow I may or may not do a long run, we’ll see.  I would really like to have my voice back.

This setback is just a reminder to make sure to rest, eat well and take some time for myself during these busy weeks.  What do you all do when you hit a wall?

Photo – with baby Gavin – he usually is always smiling lol this is a rare serious looking picture.


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