Runner’s Guilt: Mom, Wife &Work Duties

On the days I have “long” runs and at this point it’s anything longer than 30 minutes, I have serious runner’s guilt. And really it’s just guilt over everything; everything that is important to me. A feeling of letting others down, a feeling of making others sacrifice for my own needs.

In reality – the baby sleeps 90% of the time that I go for a run – so he’s not missing me. My husband is holding down the fort, and we are a partnership not a servitude. Finally, work (both my full time and personal business) can wait. As much as I love what I do and giving to others. By running I am giving to me, and by giving to me, I am giving to them.

Running – especially long runs – give me clarity, allow me to recharge and maintain my health. This is just few of the great things that running, and all exercise, does for us. So push all those thoughts of guilt aside! You are worth it. You are worth those 30 mins, 60 minutes, etc etc. It is is only a small fraction of time in the greater scheme of things.

Love yourself, so you may love others.

What are some ways you love yourself?

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  1. Sara says:

    I remember these feelings of guilt. Especially after having Julian. It took a while to finally accept that working out and having that special time for myself is necessary for my health and thus for my family. So I always make a point to not feel this way because if I honestly in my heart know that I’m not doing anything to intentionally hurt those I love then I need to fully commit to and enjoy these workouts and the time it takes to do them. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this! 💗

    1. Thank you for sharing and reading! Some days it’s hard to not feel guilty but you are so right. Gotta let it go to enjoy the time.

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