Last updated 4/2016

In 2014, I decided to create a blog about my fitness goals, fitness outcomes and overall my opinion on different diets, fitness challenges, etc. I will also post my actual results, no editing just plain and simple results.

I am a Latina in her early 30s,  I am 5’1 and currently weigh about 142~145 depending on the day.  When I started my blog I was prebaby… now in 2016 I’m post baby. I will continue to post my measurements and a picture to give everyone a good idea of my starting point and how they can realistically compare themselves.  I am tired of seeing fitness websites that show edited photos or unrealistic outcomes.

I just started Vloging on Youtube check it out!

I’m no expert, just a person that loves working out.

My do’s
I eat clean but don’t stress out about having a treat when I feel like it
I do have protein shakes (optimum nutrition powder) or protein bars but not every day
I eat about 1300-1600 calories a day
I track my macros and try to eat 34g of fiber and 100g of protein a day

My don’ts
I don’t take any diet pills
I don’t belive in herbal life or short cut supplements
I don’t believe in wraps or any other quick weight loss scheme

Here is what I eat daily:
Check out my Instagram NoSanchezFitness or go to My Fitness Pal Profile (may not be updated daily)