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Transformation Tuesday 

I am now 11 months postpartum and how fast did these months fly by. It feels like just yesterday I was in labor, both excited and nervous to have my lil man.

It has not been an easy transformation but is it ever?  

I started working out 6 weeks after having our lil dragon.  I started off slow with the Jamie Eason Post Pregnancy Trainer then moved on to more intense workouts.   At 6months postpartum I was disappointed with my results.  I really wasn’t eating clean and pretty much eating whatever.  

In April I made the decision that I needed to stop allowing myself to use breastfeeding as an excuse for eating whatever.   So i started eating healthier and continued with my workouts. 

And yes! I finally saw the results I was hoping for, so what you eat is more important than your workouts.   Changing your eating is hard so start small.

Below are my comparisons from April to Sept, 6mos postpartum to 11mos postpartum. I wish i had had enough guts to do a before at 1 week postpartum. I guess i didn’t really think about it.

Pregnancy weight 176lbs 

11mos postpartum 129lbs

No Excuses!!!

I have many reasons not to work out but they don’t stop me from working out.   I have a 10 month old whom I breastfeed, I work full-time, I attend graduate school part-time, I’m married and I’m raising my 11 yr old niece who starts middle school this year.  And if you have any of these things on your plate, well you know how hard it is to get anything done.
But I say NO EXCUSES!! While it may feel like you don’t have any time to work out for even just 30 minutes at home, the reality is that you do have time!   You could do jump jacks, high knees, jogging in place, arm circles (the list goes on) … during commercial breaks if you couldn’t bare not watch TV for 30 mins.  You don’t watch commercials?? Lucky you, you can then do all that during a 30min show!   So there are no excuses to fit in a workout. I know people spend at least 2hrs watching TV a day. So you can use 30mins to improve your fitness.  If you can’t manage that then you DON’T want to lose fat, you don’t want to “be healthy” etc etc etc

Everyone has a laundry list of things to do in their daily lives. If you really want it then you will find the time for it.  Just start small.

For the last 7 months (yes 7 mos, not 10months) I have worked hard to stay active and eat healthy and I have seen my results! I am damn proud of them too and I can’t wait to see how much I can improve by 10/1.  Will I have abs? Will I lower my body fat? Will I be in my size 2s? (yes, yes, yes) well that is the goal at least we shall see.

Remember if you want it bad enough you CAN do it. Shoot, do 20 body weight squats every time you use the bathroom (preferrablly after lol) fit it in when you can and lil by lil you will see your results… just don’t forget the nutrition piece that’s the important part!

August 2016 Goals

It’s been a long time since I have set monthly goals but it’s important that I do.

Here are my August 2016 Goals

Running goal:
Run 3-4x a week
Strength training goal:
2x a week
Cross train:
2x a week
Fat loss goal:
Reduce my body fat by 2%
Nutrition goals:
Protein: 100g daily
Fiber:  34g daily
Daily goals:
Say at least 2 positive affirmations

3 month goals (Nov 2016)
Fit into size 2 pants
Reduce body fat from 27.4% to 24%
Increase weekly mileage

10 Mos Postpartum & Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

Yesterday my baby boy turned 10months and boy did the months fly by. He is still breastfeeding and eating lots of foods. While he has grown, I’ve been determined to get my prebaby body back and to lose the fat.

On my postpartum fitness journey I have learned new things on weight “loss” versus “losing” fat. Sounds like the same thing but after the first few chapters of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle by Tom Venuto I realize that it is NOT the same thing.    There’s lots more to it and if you’re interested in reading more about it I’d recommend the book.  I’m listening to the audio book (FREE) through my library’s website.

So, drumroll please…. I am officially at my prebaby weight 130lbs! So yay! Kinda…. I say kinda because while I’m at 130 lbs it is not the old 130lb self that I was before I had a lot more lean mass and now have more fat especially in my midsection. I’ve slim down and I fit into my clothes pretty well BUT I’m not the old 130 and I probably won’t ever be.  My body is different and I will tone up every part of me that I want! It’s just going to look different and be different.  My body expanded to fit a lil human inside and now it’s trying to go back in place and in 10 months it has doing a pretty good job.  I don’t have abs but I really didn’t before except for a few months (in 2014). I never checked my body fat then (Summer 2014) so I don’t know what body fat to aim for but I’m going to try 19-20% that means I want to lose  9-10lbs of fat.  I think at my leanest in 2014 I was weighing about 120  so that sounds about right in relation to what I weigh now.

Below is my favorite part before and after pictures. There is no sugar coating just real pictures of a person that loves fitness and showing REAL progress… no photoshop, no angles and no short cuts.

Leave me any comments or questions!

Height  5’1   age 32yo 

Remember everyone is different and your body is different. Set your goals and work towards them. 

Stop counting calories…

I wanted to share my experience with eating healthy and how to figure that out. I use to worry about counting calories and thought I was doing a good job till I got stuck and couldn’t lose weight. I was eating 1200 calories and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t losing weight.
Well it took some time and reading to figure out what worked for me and now I aim for 1600 calories. Once i switched to superfoods and stuck with making my food at home 80% of the time the weight not only came off but I gained muscle.

Now instead of counting calories i aim for macros 100g of Protein, 34g of Fiber and i try to eat good carbs only.

It takes practice and time but eventually it becomes a habit and you’ll enjoy your food better.

Let me know if you have questions, I’d be glad to share my knowledge.

Running 4-5x a week 1200 Calories

Picture 2: Running, weight lifting, 4x a week 1600 calories

For full post on pictures below click here



Sunday Funday

Today started with a 90min slow run which was 5 miles. My neighbor and her daughter joined me and my niece. It wasn’t as hot as I expected so I’m glad about that. It was cloudly so I think that made my morning run/walk so nice. 

When we got home the lil one had just awoke.  We ate then went to my brother’s alumni basketball tournament.  The lil guy loved it. And now he’s asleep.  He got in the car and passed out after 2 mins into our drive home. 

So me and my niece enjoyed a treat.

A banana split with rocky road ice cream and peanuts, dark chocolate & strawberry syrup. 

Then i needed a nap 😁😁😁

The day isn’t over but i have 14000 steps! This has definitely been a great Sunday. Wouldn’t change it for the world.  

30-Minute Upper-Body Workout For Women

Check this out on


These 30-minute, upper-body intensive routines blasts your back, chest, and shoulders, sculpting hella strong muscles that will make every season tank top season.

Source: 30-Minute Upper-Body Workout For Women

Crosstraining: Kickboxing

I decided to do some kickboxing as my crosstraining yesterday and today I am SORE everywhere.  I had given kickboxing a try 3 years ago and loved it but there is no studios near my home.  Some time ago I found this bag on sale for $35 dollars and it has been hanging in the gym. I got the gloves from my trial classes so I had everything already to go.  I tried to find a youtube video to follow but there wasn’t really any.  So I have the exercises on a piece of paper to follow.

I’m not a fitness instructor but I thought I would share.

Definitely a full body workout!

Where’s my booty?

Seriously, where did it go?  No one told me I’d loose my booty after having my baby. Yeah ppl tell you your boobs and belly turn into mush but no one mentions the loss of your booty.

I am sad to see her, but she will come back!!!

I’m doing a Squat Challenge from to give myself a much need booty rejuvenation.

On other news I’m getting rid of that pesky back fat so hallelujah for that! 
I like to take progress pics to show that results take time, i didn’t wake up one day to my fat being gone. It takes time and commitment.  

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